Welcome to the OpenCare Project Wiki

This is the forum for the OpenCare Project and Infrastructure, and all subprojects related to it.

The OpenCare Projectis an open source infrastructure framework, designed to be used by researchers and corporate developers for developing experimental assisted living protoypes, as well as complete feature rich systems with a high degree of flexibility and modifiability.

This Wiki is being provided for educational purposes.

Assisted living mainly targets the chronic sick or disabled people living at home, including elderly and cognitive impaired, seeking to provide the optimal conditions for their comfort and well-being and avoiding hospitalization for as long as possible. Assisted living is part of the Pervasive healthcare paradigm, seeking to apply pervasive computing technology to challenges within the healthcare sector.

Pervasive healthcare technology is needed to meet the challenges of an aging population in the western world, as well as an expected major shortage of healthcare personnel in the near future. While pervasive healthcare might be found everywhere within the healthcare system, the OpenCare Project and Infrastructure primarily targets the end-users homes and daily environment, including both private and nursing homes. General Practioneers clinics and hospitals are mainly supported as data producers and consumers, and the the project seeks to integrate with existing solutions including e.g. Electronic Patient and Healthcare Record systems.

Besides discussing the OpenCare Project, this Wiki includes general information on the pervasive computing paradigm and its close relative, pervasive healthcare. Specifically the OpenCare Project targets the area of assisted living, which is part of the pervasive healthcare domain.

Also the Wiki features the complete source code and documentation for the OpenCare Project, including drivers for various types of medical sensors: blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG/HRV, blood sugar, weight-scales, automatic medicine dispensers, oximeters, pulse and other device types. This includes both commercially available drivers, as well as drivers for hardware still being researched.

The Wiki is intended as a forum for practioneers wanting to utilize the open source code for research or commercial purposes, perhaps needing assistance and advice for programming new hostdrivers or solutions, and who might like to contribute with new modules, components and features for the OpenCare Project.

The non-profit organization behind the OpenCare Project is named the OpenCareAlliance. Anyone can become a member, if they have an interest in the field. At current there are both corporate, public and research institutions in the OpenCareAlliance.

Find an overview of the OpenCare Project here - and a list of current and completed projects here. An overview of related work, including research projects and commercial systems available on the marked today, may be found here.

This wiki is edited and moderated by OpenCare project manager and associate professor Stefan Wagner, Engineering College of Aarhus. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to become a part of the OpenCare Alliance and wiki moderator.