IHA Automatic Medicine Dispenser, Light Edition - Hardware and Firmware

This page describes the "IHA Automatic Medicine Dispenser, Light Edition". This pages is only about the hardware the device is made of and the software embedded inside the device (the firmware). For the Integration part, please visit IHA Automatic Dispenser - Light, Integration. For a bigger view of how things fit together, please visit the Overview.
This hardware part (the LMC) and the companion Integration project (the LMC host driver) is a bachelors degree project in Engineering in Information and Commnication Technology (IT) with specialization in Technical IT, and Embedded Systems. Lars Tørnes Hansen is the developer of the LMC and is maintaining this page. The Integrator part (the LMC host driver) is developed by Bartosz Trzebuchowski.


The LMC is basically an advanced scale with wireless communication (Bluetooth), and LRFID (Low (125 KHz) Radio Frequency IDentification - RFID). The LMC does also has a microcontroller with firmware which contains device drivers for Bluetooth, LRFID and a Real-Time Clock/Calendar, and the business logic for the device.


The device is made of 2 modules and a couple of Integrated Circuits (ICs):
  • 1 pcs of bluetooth module: ST Microelectronics GS-BT2416C2.AT1
  • 1 pcs of LRFID module: SONMicro SM125-M1. Thanks to IDZone for sponsoring 2 modules (IDZone, LRFID module (Ref nr. 02-03-01)
  • 1 pcs of an Atmel ATMega 328P microcontroller in a 28 pin PDIP package
  • 2 pcs of NXP semiconductors SC16IS752 - Dual UART with I2C-bus/SPI interface, 64-byte FIFOs, IrDA SIR in a 28 pin TSSOP package
  • 1 pcs of NXP Semiconductors PCF8583T - (Real-Time) Clock/calendar, and 240 × 8-bit RAM with I2C interface in a SO8 (SOT176-1) package
  • 1 pcs of National Semiconductor LM2574-3.3 or better - 3,3 volts;0,5 Amps simple switch mode power supply IC
  • maybe also a(some) TTL to RS232 level converter(s) - if they are needed (schematic not yet done: 01. Marts 2009)