Case 1 Solutions

As discussed in "Case 1 Needed Solutions", Irene needs several features in order to help her cope better with her chronic diseases.

The OpenCare Project provides the software infrastructure to allow Irene to be reminded at a regular interval of taking her medication, taking her blood pressure and her weight, and sending these data to her doctor, in a user freindly and efficient way. While other commercial systems, as well as research projects, offer similar functionality, these are most often tight up to a single vendor controlling both the base station and infrastructure, as well as the sensors allowed. If Irene had to get a new sensor device, in case of a new chronic illness, e.g. a disease of the heart (which often follows untreated Hypertension), requiring Irene to wear an ECG / HRV device, then Irene might have to have two infrastructures in her home. One for the blood pressure and weight, and one for the ECG / HRV device. This might become confusing and time consuming for both Irene, her caretakers and/or relatives.

With the OpenCare Project, all devices might be included in the infrastructure project, with full access for creating sensor device plug-ins to the framework, and full access to the OpenCare project source code.