Case 1 Needed Solutions

As disussed in Irene's case background, she has a number of problems dealing with the required everyday actions and activities related to her chronic illnesses, including taking her Hypertension and Asthma medications, and other required activities.

Irene needs something to help her remember to take her medication (both Hypertension and Asthma). Also, she needs to be remembered to take her blood pressure at a regular interval, and she needs help for filing the data, and getting them to her doctor.

It is important to help her in an as minimalistic and non-intrusive fashion as possible. It would for instance be easy to program her mobile phone calendar to give an alert every time she needs to take her medication. But what if she has already taken it when the alarm sounds? This migth become annoying over time, resulting in her discontiuing this service. Also, it is most important, that Irene does not have to be knowledgable about the technologies behind reading a blood pressure, transmitting it wirelessly to a base station, and sending the data to her doctor. Irene should not press any buttons or similar, once it is time for taking the blood pressure. Instead, she simply should strap-on the blood pressure meter (like for instance the Promedia Blood Pressure Meter 705IT) or step up on her weight (f.i. the Corscience BS 9933 BT), after which all data would be transferred autonatically to the base station, and maybe even automatically to her doctor.

Irene needs to be reminded, and she needs to be supported in a non-intrusive manner.